SoftwareCentral Package Studio

Simply the worlds most intelligent packaging tool

Reduces Packaging time with up to 40%

From the moment you start using SoftwareCentral Package Studio you already have many years of packaging experience. SoftwareCentral Package Studio uses machine learning to improve your MSI packages ensuring high quality in your software deployment.


Convert legacy setup installations to robust MSI packages with SoftwareCentral Package Studio Capture.

Machine Learning


Powerful and efficient MSI editor. Simple and no fuss interface that helps you create 100% compliant Windows Installer packages.

100% Compliant


SoftwareCentral Package
Studio includes a “Best in class” Test Studio for fast and thorough MSI package testing.

Integrates VM’s

Package Analyzer

Enforce company policies and standards. Both repacked legacy software and new packages are checked against company rules. SoftwareCentral PackageStudio automatically corrects any inconsistencies. Ensuring a standardized process and quality.