SoftwareCentral Cloud

SoftwareCentral is now available as a cloud service

The SoftwareCentral Cloud is secure and reliable and will make your daily life easier, as you no longer need to manually update SoftwareCentral or ensure that your SoftwareCentral is compatible with your version of the Microsoft SCCM.


Security has been our main focus when developing the SoftwareCentral Cloud. All communication is encrypted and authorization happens only through your own Active Directory. Access to the SoftwareCentral Cloud is managed by AD-Group memberships in your own Active Directory. Furthermore, it uses the most up-to-date Transport Layer Security (TLS) for both authentication and encryption and the cloud does not stores personal information.


The SoftwareCentral Cloud is reliable to use. The cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure on a scalable server farm which means there are no single point of failure and no bottlenecks. The databases and servers are backed up daily and SoftwareCentral only stores meta data for the shop, license module and deployment manager in the cloud. This means no user-data and personal information is stored in the cloud, this includes passwords.

Simple migration

With SoftwareCentrals Migration Tool, it only takes a few minutes to move your existing SoftwareCentral installation to our cloud. It is also, possible to run the SoftwareCentral Cloud parallel to your current SoftwareCentral installation. If you decide that the cloud is not for you, you can simply use the Migration Tool to move your SoftwareCentral Cloud back on premises in a few minutes

Key benefits of using SoftwareCentral Cloud

  • Ensures compatibility with the latest version of SCCM
  • Save time on updating SoftwareCentral
  • Less servers to run and maintain
  • No need to worry about backups
  • No need to worry about the performance on your local server
  • Access to SoftwareCentral from anywhere
  • Use SoftwareCentral on mobile devices
  • Integration with other cloud services such as ServiceNow
IT-supporter using a cloud service