Deal Registration Program Rules

The SWC Deal Registration Program rewards SWC Partners for seeking out and closing qualified SWC sales opportunities.


  • Must be a net new logo or a new division/department/branch of an existing customer.
  • Expansion of current license agreements.

What cannot be registered:

  • Blanket customer lists with no specific opportunity identified.
  • License renewals

Registration Process:

  • Partner must be a verified SWC Partner.
  • All deals must be registered via
  • All registrations will be verified by SWC to determine the validity of the registration.
  • SWC will notify Partners via email within 3 working days.
  • If registration is denied, SWC will provide an explanation to the Partner. Competing partner(s) involved in the opportunity will not be disclosed.


  • SWC Partners will be given 120 days from the date of registration to close the opportunity and win the business.
    • Partners can request an additional extension if they are able to demonstrate progress in closing the opportunity.
    • Extension requests must be made via email.

Guarantee and Disclaimer:

  • The approval of a registration does not guarantee or preclude any other partner from pursuing the identified opportunity.
  • SWC will operate in good dealings to minimize channel conflict and will not disclose registered customer opportunities.