Simplify your SCCM operations and become more efficient

SoftwareCentral relieves the burden on IT specialists and releases them to focus on higher value tasks. SoftwareCentral is a cloud-based interface that lies on top of Microsoft SCCM. The user-friendly interface allows you to move tasks from the administrator to support staff and end users.


SoftwareCentral features a self-service portal where users can order anything from SCCM packages to services such as local administrative permissions. The shop is fully customizable, from logo to content and the actions that are triggered. The comprehensive, fully customizable, approval flow system allows you to control the content users order. The shop can be integrated with other tools such as ServiceNow.

Software Deployment

SoftwareCentral makes software deployment easy. With the Manage Software interfaces, SoftwareCentral can deploy software to users and devices with a single click. SoftwareCentral provides real-time installation statuses and can help troubleshoot and fix deployment errors. Users can monitor a deployment to multiple devices at the same time using the Deployment Manager.

Security Roles

The Active Directory and collection based Security Roles allows you to delegate permissions to everything in SoftwareCentral such as menu buttons, users, devices, software, operation systems, templates, reports and much more. You can easily get started with your current AD and collection structure and extend the permissions as needed.

SoftwareCentral Package Subscription

With the software subscription option, SoftwareCentral Plus, users can automatically download and import the most commonly used software such as Adobe Reader, Java and many more. The Replace Package functionality makes it easy to test new versions of a program and update all current installations.


Windows 10 Servicing

SoftwareCentral features a patch management module where users easily can see and update devices. With the Windows 10 servicing features, it has never been easier to make sure that your Windows 10 devices are compliant. In addition to the SCCM Windows 10 servicing, SoftwareCentral makes it easy to see deployment statuses of Windows 10 patches and locates those devices that fail.


Template Based Operations

SoftwareCentral uses templates for computer, application and package imports which allows users with little to no knowledge of the SCCM to perform these tasks. The use of templates also ensures a standardized SCCM and greatly reduces the amount of errors.



SoftwareCentral is easy to install. Simply create your cloud account and download the CloudConnector. Once installed, you go to and log in with your own domain account. Note that SoftwareCentral does not store any information about your users and their accounts in the cloud.

If your organizations security policy does not allow for online connections, you can download a fully operational offline version of SoftwareCentral, where you host SoftwareCentral as an intranet site on your own server.



Key benefits for Decision-makers

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Fast return-on investment
  • Lower IT costs
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Optimized internal processes

IT specialist

Key benefits for IT Specialists

  • Optimized SCCM operations
  • Fast identification of problems
  • Scheduled software deployment
  • Secure delegation of tasks
  • Simplified patch management


Key benefits for End-users

  • Faster IT service
  • Fewer work disruptions
  • Improved service quality
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Improved user satisfaction


Key benefits for Support Organisation

  • 1-click Software Deployment
  • Remote control users
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • 1-click computer refresh
  • Temporary local administrative rights.